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Our Story

MiiNT™ is a dynamic start-up technology firm that develops mobility intelligence making transit systems smarter and more dynamic by integrating the power of big data analytics and artificial intelligence to modernize traditional transit systems.

MiiNT™ is a transit technology company that focuses on delivering real-time social media analytics and machine learning to transit agencies to improve their operations and to help them deliver better rider services. 

We use the latest advances in big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to collect, analyze and push-out social media data from transit agency feeds on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Years Of Technical Experience

We have key personnel onboard with years of experience. Assisting a Multitude of Clients Nationwide.







Our Services

Below are some of our services

MiiNT™ software pulls in these rich sets of data to produce five types of high-value services for transit agencies today:

  • Fleet and system optimization:Warnings and recommended responses based on problems reported by users and observers of the system (e.g., riders and transit observers) in real-time.
  • Client information services: Based on push-out notifications to advise riders, drivers, and observers of the service about delays, detours, emergency warnings, or positive messaging related to specialized transit offerings (e.g. free ride notifications during major events).
  • Customer loyalty:Client benefits and rewards based on frequent user points or privilege programs that transit agencies, cities and provinces can set up using the tool to benefit transit riders and encourage their use of the system over the short- and long-term. 
  • Pandemic information services: Allow transit agencies to pull in and push out pandemic-specific information related to overcrowding on vehicles, lack of mask wearing, air flow failure perception, and other commentary provided in real-time by riders, clients, and users of the system.
  • Diversity tracking services: In this era of social movements, transit agencies need better data to assess the composition and nature of their ridership and clientele and to compare it and contrast it with their management and leadership. Social media applications can integrate with MiiNT(™) tools to help riders report their self-identification (culturally, racially, gender, and otherwise) based on explicit consent and privacy protocols. The collection and analysis of these data sets help transit agencies determine whether their leadership and ridership are disconnected in real-time composition and to develop diversity improvement plans internally.
  • Other value-added systems application development:Social media analytic software tool development designed to fit the local needs of transit communities–their riders and operators. These tools include social media analytics reporting as a service, which enable the development of applications for transit agencies to solve local problems (e.g. rider flow, fare integration services, fleet performance optimization), etc.
  • PartnershipsMiiNT™ is currently collaborating with the Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) and its alliance of universities and colleges across Canada to develop social media analytics tools with graduate and post-doctoral research fellows. MiiNT™ research is supported by federal MITACS innovation funding and will continue to result in new intellectual property (IP) that integrates machine learning that is transit-agency focused and which supports riders in pilot cities, including Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Toronto.

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