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We strive to provide services that not only allow for real time interactive transit needs along with communications but live interactions with riders allowing transit organizations the ability to to keep thier riders happy and coming back for more. 

Real Time Tweets

We track updates in real time from the public.

Active GUI

The control center for decision makers allow for a real time view of transit commuter needs. 

Rider Coupons

We work with a multitude of local business and organizations within transit jurisdictions to promote ridership. 

A.I Technology

We use dedicated A.I technologies within our platform allowing for real time information processing.

Dedicated Platforms

We offer dedicated platforms for each transit agency we work with. 

Live Mapping

Riders are able to see in real time buses positions and wait times thanks to location tracking. 

Live Communications

Rides have the ability in real time to connect with your platform and provide feedback. 

Consistent Real Time Software Updates

Miint updates your software in real time via the back end so you are always up to date with the latest security and software applications.  

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Transit and public fleets in North America.

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